5 Port Harcourt artistes we won’t forget anytime soon

Nigeria is a western country that has a lot of states and regions with different cultures and genres. While some particular regions are known in the industry for regularly churning out musical talents and artists, that can’t be guaranteed for some few states. Sadly enough,  the fifth-largest Nigerian city by population, Port Harcourt, happens to be one of those states that hasn’t produced loads of A-list artists.

That aside, the southern region has given us 5 dope artists we won’t be forgetting anytime soon, they are as follows:

1. Duncan Mighty

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Arguably the biggest artiste to hail from Port Harcourt is Duncan Mighty. The singer calls himself Port Harcourts first son and the love the streets has for him has no measure. There’s no big show that would happen in PH that Duncan Mighty wouldn’t headline.

2. Waconzy

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Port Harcourt residents would strongly disagree calling Waconzy a one-hit wonder. He was bigger in Ph city before blowing up to the general Nigerians and is still relevant in Ph city till this very moment.

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3. Muma Gee

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Muma Gee was the first A-list Nigerian artist that Port Harcourt ever produced. Her songs were very unique, traditional and had a jungle warlike feel. She left music and delved into Nollywood for a bit and can still be seen in a few movies.

4. Sky B


Back in the days, Sky B was popping with his emotional love songs but if you currently listen to his music you might laugh and snicker at the quality of his songs.

5. Burna Boy

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Even though he rarely mentions that he’s a Ph boy, Burna Boy is a south-south boy who also has Yoruba roots. He’s currently the hottest artist on this list and doesn’t seem like he’ll be retiring anytime soon.

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