5 Nigerian songs with total lyrical nonsense

Nigerian music has for long been nurturing an internal decay in the music industry which is that of music with bad lyrics that seem to get more airplay than music with good content. It so unfortunate that good music doesn’t seem to matter in a country like Nigeria as people just want a song that they can dance and jump to even if what the song is saying is meaningless.

Its just so bad that these song seems to get more airplay and even more popular than good songs with meaning. its also so unfortunate that some so called big music stars are the ones promoting this nonsense am talking about.

Let me remind you of some of these songs:


WizKid connects with H.E.R. for “Smile” - REVOLT


The song was a very nice party jam that I loved myself. It is a good song to vibe to at the club because of the producer’s creativity. Wizkid introduction to the song was not bad, talking about a beautiful girl that he will love to have in his bed. Then all of a sudden he destroyed the song, deviating from the concept of the girl he was talking about. His lyrics was like

“I want your body sleeping in my bed ee, I want your body sleeping in my bed ee
You gat me going crazy,Eee
Ogunmola Eleniyan, Agbaje Eleniyan, Fashola Eleniyan
Tinubu Eleniyan, Otedola Eleniyan, Baruwa Eleniyan…”

Abeg make I ask, is he gay? abi wetin he dey sing, say he want them sleeping in his bed. Aliko dangote, Fashola and Otedola.

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What! Total lyrical nonsense. Gbam!





Despite that Tekno is a professional producer that has made several good songs for someone like Davido. He doesn’t hesitate to give us is well-packed nonsense knowing fully well that Nigerians will just buy it. He is known to have nice jams when it comes to instrumental but lyrically he is a man down. But Tekno why?


“See e don tey wey we dey manya o e do tey wey we dey manya
Since 1960 ye ye ye e don tey wey we dey shayo, Since 1930 lo lo lo e don tey wey we dey shayo
E dey do keletun keletun keletun keletun keletun keletun”

blah blah…

“You say what a what a dirty pussy cat ah
Baby girl you know say that your body bad ah
If you want to do then we can depart ah
Baby girl you know it can never be a cat ah baby girl
What a dirty pussy cat baby girl you know that your body bad
If you want to do then we can depart
Baby girl you know it can never be a cat ah you hear me you hear me you hear me”

Please what is he referring to here? wetin the nigga talk?


Zlatan Ibile Is The Street's Latest Pop CultureGuardian Life — The Guardian  Nigeria News – Nigeria and World News



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Zlatan is known to possess his own energy and flow when it comes to collaborating on another artist song, but in his own music, he just tends to sing wack okoto. Always wanting to give us party jams with totally empty lyrics along with his brother ( you know who I dey talk already). He just has this aim of wanting you to nod your head and dance not minding what he has to say in his songs. And he actually did that till we began to refer to him as a music star.

“Aki and pawpaw Aki and pawpaw Aki and pawpaw
Paw, E paw pi ri pi paw, Unripe paw paw mo te, Paw

Emergency, (Ahh emergency), Ijo te ma jo lale yi, E ma go crazy ooo
Dance roboto, Gan gan, Jubadi, Dance, Dance

Mo ni ko dance roboto,Gan gan, Jubadi gan”

blah blah blah…


The Austin 100: Rema : NPR

4. “LADY” – REMA

We know that Rema wants to be giving us indiana style. Fine, we know its a new concept, but this concept lacks content. Check out his song lyrics “Lady”

“Because the way that you’re shaking your ukwu, My baby you must concur
Oya make you shakiti your bobo, Oya rokpoto make you no go give me okpolor
Achukwuleke make you give make kpalansi scatter your baka
Oya I must to be your lover, Oya rikpata rikpata you too dey shakara”

It hasn’t gotten that bad that there ain’t words in the dictionary anymore. Because you have the money to promote doesn’t mean you promote nonsense to the point of blocking the chances for good content. We all can’t understand this, i mean what the hell is “Oya rokpoto make you no go give me okpolor?

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This is not some childs playground and he needs to stop those children slangs he infuses to his lyrics.


Typically looking at the matter, we might not be going forward if we continue to be a fan of this mediocrity and popularism of what doesn’t make sense. A danceable song with nothing to write home about? A danceable song that can’t represent us as a country over the world?

Please abeg if you don’t have content let leave the space for youngsters who are ready to give us good music and magical moments.

Not to be a critic, these artistes have also drop nice music that makes sense but let look into the future beyond now. We got to be represented outside of our country and we also want the world to know we make good music. They need to understand and know what we are saying. Likewise we got a new generation to pass the baton to, lets be aware and dish out stuff that will stand the test of time and even outlive us.

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