5 mistakes upcoming singers make

As a musician, there are certain things you are not getting right when it comes to promoting yourself and your music, this article will cover some of the mistakes & ways you can correct them.

1. Promoting yourself on a new project: You are a musician and your job is to keep releasing new project from time to time, but that doesn’t stop you from doing the necessary things, you only post on social media when you are about to drop a new project your absence from social media make your new fans drop you need to keep updating your social medias with relevant content which includes; freestyle,  cover songs, life performance, studio performance and other engaging activities during these will keep your fans entertained and busy on your wall.

2. Poor stage performance: You’re a singer who doesn’t have enough fans to cheer him/her up during performance, this could be inform of stage fright, not being prepared etc to be able to concern or carry your cans along you need to put on your lively mood cause fans loved to be entertained, to be able to do that you have to perform one of your hit tracks or a cover of any big artist track by doing this you are telling your fans you have something big for them and they are willing to listen to you.

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3. Facebook group spamming:  Yes you need to promote yourself and your tracks on Facebook groups but there are wrong ways of doing that, most of the upcoming rappers and singers join more that 50 Facebook groups in order to share their links on them, but at the end they end up no getting more streams or downloads. how do you spam Facebook groups, (i) sharing your link un-necessarily (ii) commenting on posts that do not need your links on it. for you to correct these and gain much streams and downloads from Facebook groups you must (1) be helpful to the group in one way or the other (2) sharing relevant information and update when needed. by doing so you are getting more people to react on your post and comments.

4. Poor graphics: These days people understand messages passed inform of visuals like pictures videos etc, you have a great song but your graphics is too poor, people tends to  engage more on your track when you have a meaningful and colorful graphic design . your fans will be proud to share your music on their social media because your artwork looks attractive and your track is also supper cool.

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5. Inability to network: music is your career and you need other people to help grow your brand,networking helps you to get more fans and more streams and downloads, how do you network (1)Through Dj’s (2) Through Influences.

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