4 reasons why ‘Davido and Chioma’ are not the couple to aspire to be

Recently, the internet has been sent into a frenzy over the kind of ‘Assurance’ that Davido appears to have declared as the new standard.

We’ve all witnessed it before like the time when Peter Okoye proposed to his longtime sweetheart, Lola Omotayo, with a brand new Range Rover. Nigerians, particularly Nigerian ladies, made them the new standard for which their relationships should aspire to imitate.

With Davido and Chioma, we watch it repeat itself all over again four years later.

Showing public affection isn’t really a terrible thing, you might need to reexamine having the couple made your ‘relationship goals’.

Below are four reasons why Davido and Chioma are not the couple to aspire to be:

1. Your relationship will be a secret for a long time

We may not all be enthusiastic about PDA but rather nobody wants to be kept a secret while you display your child mother’s via social media.

2. Your boyfriend won’t be dependable

Davido has not one but rather two baby mama’s and all inside the previous five years which implies that amid the whole span of their relationship he not only cheated on her but fathered kids with two different ladies.

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Unless you’re keen on being the main chick with your boyfriend having various flings, baby mama’s and kids then I believe it’s best you reevaluate your definition of relationship goals.

3. You will lose the privilege to a private life

While it might seem appealing to trend on social media, have your face put on sites and websites, the actual reality of it can be quite daunting.

Regardless Chioma likes it or not, she has turned into the property of the public and has lost the privilege to privacy. Whatever she does now will everlastingly be seen with unmistakable fascination of Nigerians. We should not overlook that her relationship will be under a ton of investigation as well.

4. You will always be known as an extension of your accomplice

For most Nigerian females trying to be in Chioma’s position where a big music star showers them with a 45 million naira Porsche and a song devoted to them.

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It might seem like a fantasy yet it can rapidly turn into a bad dream when you endeavor to propel your profession but unfortunately, she’s alluded to as “Davido’s girlfriend instead of “Chef Chioma”.


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