4 Nigerian music superstars who failed to maintain their fame

Being famous is one thing, maintaining the fame is quite a complex task. Nigerian music has witnessed a lot of very bright and talented artistes rise to fame and downgraded back as upcoming, while some have held tightly to the reins of fame and have not let go since.

it is a sad reality that they have lost the sauce that kept them high up there. One of the reasons they are now described as upcoming is because the don’t catch the fans attention any longer or it’s been a long while since they had a hit song either as a featured artiste or an individual effort.

Can you imagine an artiste who you couldn’t wait to download his/her next track but at the moment you’re unlooking their new efforts.

Below is the compilation of this artistes.

1. Ice Prince

Everyone seems to love Ice Prince when he was still blazing and dishing out hit songs like ‘Oleku,’ ‘Aboki,’ at the moment, fans have grown cold on the Chocolate city act. Ice Prince has been the center of jokes and ridicule on social media with a lot of folks bluntly referring to him as an upcoming artiste in spite of his achievements. Ice Prince’s decline may have actually begun when he released his ‘Trash Can EP’.

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2. Eva Alordiah

It’s been a very long time promising female rapper Eva Alordiah make headlines, One time it was her proposal at the 2015 Headies Awards next was her breakup from her fiance. That has been her highlight in the past 2 – 3 years. Her overly postponed debut album ‘1960’ when finally released went unnoticed. She lost her sauce way too early.

3. Iyanya


Ladies choice, Iyanya, whom they love seeing without a jacket probably because of his six packs went from singing hits like ‘Your Waist’ to flat a** songs like ‘Bow For You’. Iyanya started loosing it slowing in 2015 primarily because he decided to go back to singing like he was in a music reality show. He noticed his career was taking a nose dive, he went to Mavin Records to salvage things but that didn’t work out as planned. Today he is no longer part of the Supreme Mavin Dynasty (SMD). Only a handful of music lovers take Iyanya seriously these days.

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4. D’Prince

One very big music star back in the days of ‘Mo Hits’ who lost his sauce is Mavin Records artiste D’Prince. Presently the artiste who Davido asked for a selfie with some years back isn’t on the same levels with OBO. D’Prince is fighting hard to gain grounds again in an industry that has become very populated and even more competitive with new stars dropping hits everyday. He was once up there but apparently Small Doctor is a better toast than D’Prince today.

Other worthy mentions are Lynxxx, Terry G, Peter & Paul Okoye etc.

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