4 major problems of upcoming artiste in Nigeria

It is unfortunate that most upcoming artistes in the Nigeria music industry are faced with different challenges.

The motive of this write-up is not to criticize but to shed-light on a few necessary things that need to be solved if artistes will begin to “blow” again in Nigeria.

1. Getting a branding and publishing sponsorship (Label)

Record labels would beg to sign artistes in Nigeria in the late 1990s but the case is now different, artistes now find it difficult getting a career mentor-ship and support.

2. Finding a hard copy marketing strategy

This is a major nightmare for most of the upcoming artiste. Majority of CD marketers sway their resources toward trending genres. Obviously, this means that your songs wont get on air since its not on the streets and in the local shows.

3. Getting finance

Upcoming artistes are discouraged when they are unable to get sufficient funds for a recording session and for basic promotion. This means the best singer might never ever record a track.

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4. Discouragement form peer groups

Behind every successful story, there is always a discouragement. Successful artistes are never shy to tell us that they went through a lot of discouragement from peers both at home and abroad. In this part of the world, once you decide to be an artist, many people will feel like you have suddenly lost focus. Your parent’s dream of seeing their kid become a responsible adult goes down the drain.

This is why you get ridiculed until your story changes. It’s the survival of the fittest, only the strong comes out alive.

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