3 tips to make it as a commercial rapper

There is nothing wrong being a commercial rapper, you just have to know what you want to do and the audience you are trying to gather and reach, then you are good to go.

Before dabbing into commercial rap, Below are some essential tips to make you a great commercial rapper.

You’re not a Rapper

You have to be extremely consistent to make it as a commercial rapper, even though you are, you still kinda aren’t.

Think of yourself as a hustler, that’s why Olamide keeps on releasing albums every year.

Have a look that best defines you

Before dropping a song, sit down and figure out your appearance. What style defines you? do you want to become a signature look, like Davolee’s dyed hair or maybe you are the type that prefers to be ripped with a few tattoos like Dabivo?

Your look is more important than anything else as a rapper. You can have the wackest bars ever, but your look can actually distract some fans from noticing how wack your lines are. All you have to do is look whatever part you want to play, and as long as your label markets you right, you’re in!

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Make your songs club bangers

Before you decide to release a song, ask yourself this question and get a couple of people to listen to it: can DJs play this song in the club?

Olamide has this down flat. His songs – even though they are rap songs – are almost always listened to at clubs, Once an Olamide song comes on, everyone’s up on their feet and banging to it.

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