3 reasons you should rap in your local language

The question every rapper should always ask themselves is, will you become wack if you rap in your local language? Is it compulsory to rap in ‘English’ to sound like the foreigners. A lot of old school hip hop heads would prefer to discriminate against rappers like Sarkodie, Olamide and Phyno.

The believe of some block heads is that artistes who rap in vernacular are wack whereas that’s a bad idea. Here are 3 reasons why it’s better to rap in your tribal tongue.

1. The language of hip hop is the vernacular of the African American slum

The genre, Rap, was founded some 47 years ago in New York City  by some street kids, the ghetto slobs. These kids weren’t speaking the college acceptable language, they spoke a street vernacular called the “Ebonic English”. Its the accentuated flat American English.

They kept doing their thing till they are widely accepted by the streets, the genre became so popular that it eventually became the lingua-franca of mainstream music media today.

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Word phrases in American hip hop like hit em, cussin, shiznit, 64′, set trip and 5.0 doesn’t exist in the English dictionary. But they are viable words that carry meaning in music.

2. Its best to rap in the language your audience understands

Hip hop does not specify what language your rap should come in. If the audience you rap for is local, the Rapping in the local vernacular is the only way to make your voice heard. People don’t buy or pay attention to stuff they don’t relate to anymore.

No matter how you try rapping in English, you would never sound like the American rappers. Rap in the language you are familiar with, American rappers won’t rap in your own local language, so why try sounding like them.

If you’re in Warri, rap in Pidgin, if you’re in the west, rap in Yoruba. If you’re in the east, rap in Igbo.

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3. Go on and rap in vernacular because there is nothing wrong with it

Whether you are Yoruba, Hausa or Igbo, hip hop is all inclusive, you can be dope and it doesn’t matter what language you do it in.

However, artistes must imbibe the characters of a true emcee. The music becomes meaningless if a rappers stops making sense. Once you start making meaningless rhymes with gibberish on pop and dance hall beats, you can kindly consider yourself a non-rapper.


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