10 ways to stay happy and make your music more productive

Being a musician doesn’t come easy, right from studio recording, live performance, travelling and a host lot of others, it’s indeed a great task. Coupled with the challenges you faced before being get noticed, handling unruly fans, one can easily get depressed that usually goes unnoticed.

Below is the compilation of 10 easy ways to help keep your spirits high and to always be a productive musician.

1. Always have the feeling that your growth is very important, you can achieve that by continuously feeding your brain with knowledge. Reading books and watching self-help videos to get the refreshing feeling can aid.

2. Having a sense of purpose also makes your spirits remain high. This can easily be achieved by volunteering and helping others.

3. Make sure you don’t feed the trolls and run away from negativity!! No doubt, there are always going to be people who are unhappy with their lives trolling you or trying to tamper with your happiness. Make sure you run away from them and be sure they don’t initiate you into their company.

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4. Know your limits when partying hard, stay away from hard drugs.

5. Without good health, you cannot have good wealth, so eat healthy, exercise, gym, and do yoga. If possible, spend a day of the week doing absolutely nothing, just relax and rest.

6. Keep your bills in order, try not to owe anyone anything – just the idea of debt can hang over you like a black cloud – and make sure you stay save.

7. Relax with people that you can truly be yourself with; the people that know the real you. Especially people who genuinely want your company without having an ulterior motive.

8. Always set a goal and work towards achieving it. Don’t leave everything to your manager, label, Pr person or other people. It’s your life and career, and you are the one living it. Don’t be the architect to your downfall.

9. Maintain an element of independence in your work. Always seek and ask, “Could I deal without this job? Do I have something else lined up?” Doing this brings a feeling of strength and control over your life.

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10. You deserve happiness, don’t be afraid to be by yourself. Take yourself out to dinner, or get yourself to a massage. Remember that if there’s one person you can always count on for company, it’s you yourself. So love yourself and enjoy your own company and life.

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