10 ways to make money from a song

Similarly as with any business, your products and services (whether they be your recordings, tours, merch, or anything else) are the superstars. They generate revenue and keep your music career in a high place. This is the reason why it’s so essential to push the limits of innovation and creativity and discover ways to satisfy your audience and make sales.

Here are ways by which you can transform a sole song into 11 diverse cash making income streams:

  1. If you remix it and take the lyrics away, it’s now an instrumental version that can be licensed to film and TV.
  2. If you re-record it live, you can release that version as a live single.
  3. If you re-record it acoustically, it can now be sold as the unplugged version.
  4. If you sing it in another language, it is now a translation suitable for new markets.
  5. If you remix it with a guest DJ, it can now be the electronic dance version.
  6. If you compile it with six or 10 other songs, it can become part of an album or compilation.
  7. If you offer the recorded stems to your individual track, it can be an “interactive product” where fans can create new mixes and share them with each other.
  8. If you allow the song to be experienced (heard, critiqued) in real-time during the writing and production phase, it can be an exclusive content perk to paying fan club members.
  9. If you take the words from the song’s chorus and place them on T-shirts and hats, it becomes a cool piece of merch.
  10. If you create a video of the song being performed and/or acted out, it can be part of a DVD collection of video singles with other songs and/or used as a tool to generate advertising revenue on video sites.
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A similar idea can be connected to your music lesson business (offered at home, on DVD, in an instructional book, in an ace class center, gushing live on the web, and so on.) or to some other item or administration. The fact of the matter is that with a little imagination, one item can be transformed into an assortment of augmentations. This doesn’t really imply that the more items you offer, the better – truth be told, that could really make perplexity for your fans. Or maybe, on the off chance that you can keep the juices of inventiveness and advancement continually streaming by being receptive and watching what’s around you consistently, you can better fulfill the necessities of your fans and serve others you may not reach right now with quality offerings. That is the means by which you can produce considerably more pay for your music vocation.

Simply recall that in the event that you consider your music vocation important, it’s a business – and the motivation behind a business is to make a solid benefit. In the event that it’s not beneficial, it’s not a business – it’s only an interest.

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Source; Sonicbids Blog.


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