SANTA CLARA, Calif. — The competitors to be the San Francisco 49ers’ backup quarterback is over.

The 49ers are rolling with Sam Darnold as the No. 2 within the assist of Brock Purdy, coach Kyle Shanahan acknowledged Wednesday. The crew will explore all alternatives with Trey Lance, the No. 3 opt within the 2021 NFL draft, a source suggested ESPN.

Shanahan suggested KNBR radio in San Francisco that he hopes Lance will stay with the 49ers even as a probably No. 3 option.

“I am truly hoping so. I mean, that is no longer a part that we’re giving up on Trey,” Shanahan suggested KNBR. “Right here’s more of how Brock performed in his seven games. … They both regarded correct, but we catch have to compose a resolution right here and you easiest catch so many reps at it, and we truly feel, starting up about 10 days within the past, that Sam truly separated himself. We got to preserve it right in that device.”

Lance didn’t take part in Wednesday’s note after he and Shanahan mentioned the enlighten earlier Wednesday.

“These are conversations I have to possess with guys loads and they also’re never easy. They’re truly annoying,” Shanahan acknowledged, acknowledging that Lance missed note because he became upset in regards to the files from their conversation within the morning. “But or no longer it’s additionally constantly annoying when the spotlight is on it as powerful because it’s far with this difficulty, with it being Trey, with our quarterback, his opt within the draft. So, I knew that became laborious on him. We had this kind of light-weight note lately and observing how Trey became when we talked, we appropriate conception it became better, ‘Hi there, take the day without work, catch away rather bit, distinct your head some and we’ll discuss later within the afternoon and we’ll catch you assist in right here day after lately… Factual felt it became the relevant part for him.”

With Purdy coping with most of the starting up duties since his return from a torn ulnar collateral ligament in his correct elbow, Darnold and Lance had been locked in a fight for the backup role correct by draw of practicing camp.

On Tuesday, Shanahan indicated he wasn’t ready to narrate his No. 2 quarterback till closer to the originate up of the frequent season, even going as far as to claim he can even alternate between backups counting on the week.

Now, the depth chart has taken form with Purdy at the tip, Darnold within the backup voice and rather of uncertainty after that with Lance and outdated school Brandon Allen aloof on the roster.

The Niners catch no longer conception to preserve more than three quarterbacks on the energetic roster, which device one of them will have to head. That player will almost definitely be Lance, who a 365 days within the past at present became heading into the season as San Francisco’s starter.

Lance suffered a damaged correct ankle in Week 2 and missed the remainder of last season, contemplating Purdy’s ascent after leading the crew to a 7-1 checklist as a starter and an appearance within the NFC Championship Game.

“I catch mediate he’s going to possess rather lots of success in this league,” Shanahan acknowledged of Lance on KNBR. “It be been a annoying aspect road for him for the reason that events he has gotten a possibility, he ended up getting damage and missed that window and now he’s in this space and we’ll constantly try to catch correct for Trey.

“If there’s the next difficulty that his coronary heart’s in and one thing worship that, we’re going to make certain that no longer to catch one thing that hurts him in that device. … Trey knows how I truly feel about him and I am hoping he ends up being ready to be right here and that is the reason the relevant part for him. But we got to glimpse what is the relevant part from now till then.”

Shanahan acknowledged he aloof plans to play Lance within the last preseason game Friday against the Chargers. After Purdy and Darnold, obviously.

“Yes, I catch. He comes assist right here and we catch all this positioned, I conception on Trey coming into into correct after Sam.”

Niners frequent manager John Lynch acknowledged before the NFL draft in April that he’d received hobby from diverse groups just a few probably trade for Lance. At the time, Lynch acknowledged it might maybe well take one thing “wide” to phase ways with Lance.

“Yeah, I mediate there’s rather lots of smoke truly,” Lynch acknowledged in April. “It hasn’t been extraordinarily energetic and or no longer it’s no longer worship we now possess build it within the market that, ‘Hi there, we’re taking gives for Trey.’ That’s no longer been the course of. … It hasn’t been that substantive.”

But with Darnold coming into into the backup role, that smoke is at possibility of reappear. To this level within the preseason, there haven’t been any important quarterback injuries in diverse locations but groups possess the next truly feel for the mark-callers on their roster.

If the 49ers trade Lance, he’ll count $5,540,956 in ineffective money over every of the following two seasons, and the crew will save $3.76 million in 2023 and $5.31 million in 2024 against the salary cap.

If the Niners unlock Lance, he’ll count $14.61 million in ineffective money and not using a savings against the cap.

But every other option would be for the Niners to preserve Lance as the No. 3 quarterback. Since Shanahan and Lynch arrived in 2017, the crew has had easiest one quarterback compose it by draw of a complete season wholesome — Jimmy Garoppolo in 2019.

Which is after all partly why Shanahan insisted Wednesday that protecting Lance with Purdy and Darnold is his desire.

“I truly feel very fortunate to possess both of them right here,” Shanahan suggested KNBR. “I truly hope when or no longer it’s acknowledged and carried out, that every person three of those guys are right here. You never know when that’s going to return up. We wanted four guys last 365 days. Doesn’t happen powerful, but when we are in a position to possess Trey as an option right here, I’d truly feel extraordinarily fully cheerful about that.”

Purdy started last season as the No. 3 option within the assist of Lance and Garoppolo, and the Niners had Josh Johnson as their fourth quarterback for the NFC Championship Game but aloof ran out of alternatives as a consequence of injuries. If the 49ers trade Lance, Allen can even own the No. 3 role.

After getting better from the ankle damage, Lance spent the offseason working to refine his mechanics with non-public quarterbacks coach Jeff Christensen. He came assist with a quicker unlock but had his united states of americaand downs in camp and the preseason.

In last week’s exhibition game against the Denver Broncos, Lance started gradual, throwing an interception on a mask stream, but carried out sturdy, going 8-of-10 for 142 yards and a touchdown on the closing two drives to region up a a success 32-yard field objective by rookie kicker Jake Sullen.

On Tuesday, Shanahan famed the enhancements he has seen from Lance.

“This offseason became appropriate roughly getting wholesome all over again and redefining how he throws, getting his balance,” Shanahan acknowledged. “I mediate Trey from when he got damage to where he’s now, I mediate it helped him.”

The 49ers signed Darnold early in free company in March partly because they were in doubt where Purdy’s restoration would take him and since Lance had started appropriate four games with 102 stream makes an try within the NFL and became additionally coming off a huge damage.

Care for Lance, Darnold is a primitive No. 3 overall opt (2018). Darnold struggled in outdated stops with the New York Jets and Carolina Panthers, throwing 55 interceptions in 56 games as those groups went 21-34 in his begins.

Darnold and Lance possess taken turns with the backups correct by draw of camp and the preseason, but Shanahan has been impressed by what he’s seen from Darnold by device of ball security and getting the ball where it needs to head.

“He’s been right fixed in every thing,” Shanahan acknowledged. “… He didn’t come in within the first day appropriate proudly owning it all since you are going to’t for those that catch no longer possess the expertise. But everyday that he’s carried out it, he’s gotten better and better and he appropriate appears an increasing selection of cheerful in every thing he’s doing.”

NFL Network first reported the files of the Niners exploring alternatives with Lance.