Gabon: We’re in no trek at give up vitality to civilians, says defense force junta

Gabon: We’re in no trek at give up vitality to civilians, says defense force junta

Mr Nguema, who played an energetic feature in perpetuating the Bongo dynasty, in an tackle televised on train-owned TV Friday, acknowledged the defense force regime does no longer desire to behavior elections in a trek to care for away from having “identical of us” in vitality.

“Our procedure is to transfer as lickety-split as conceivable, lickety-split nevertheless with out a doubt.

“Provocative as lickety-split as conceivable doesn’t suggest organising elections in a trek the set up we’ll stop up with the the same mistakes, the set up the the same of us will proceed in vitality, and all of it comes encourage to the the same part,” Mr Nguema acknowledged.

The Gabon defense force, led by Mr Nguema, in the early hours of ultimate Wednesday, ousted Mr Bongo out of web web site of job, almost at this time after he was as soon as declared winner of the August 26 election that may’ve viewed him stop reasonably than job for a third timeframe.

Quickly after the coup, the defense force attach in Mr Nguema as transitional president. He will be sworn in on Monday.

Mr Nguema, a cousin to Mr Bongo, played an energetic feature in the ousted president’s govt. After taking on the reins of vitality, Mr Bongo sent him on a diplomatic mission to Morocco and Senegal. In 2019, Mr Nguema modified Mr Bongo’s step-brother as head of Gabon’s Republican Guard, an elite force conserving Mr Bongo, his household and diversified excessive-profile figures.

Mr Nguema’s observation comes amid criticism in opposition to the ousting of Mr Bongo from the international community. The African Union has suspended Gabon.

Albert Ondo Ossa, opposition candidate, has charged the Gabon defense force to enable the conclusion of the August 26 election and expose him president.

“I’m asking it (defense force) to restore republican and constitutional characterize,” Mr Ossa suggested Le Monde in an interview on Friday.

“The electoral process bear to be dropped at a conclusion, and the outcomes bear to be announced so as that I will be able to change into the decent president and then the apt president after they’ve been validated by the Constitutional Courtroom,” he acknowledged.

Talking from detention, Mr Bongo charged his chums and the international community to “create noise,” and elevate the awe over his ouster.

Mr Bongo had been in vitality since 2009, when he took over from his father, the slack Omar Bongo, who dominated the country for over 40 years.

His ouster sparked rep collectively across the streets of Gabon, while the defense force confisticated extensive cache of cash stashed in houses of govt officials.

Calls for Mr Bongo to step down got intense when he suffered a stroke in 2018, nevertheless he remained reasonably than job and was as soon as declared winner of a controversial election.

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