Coup: Gabon’s opposition candidate wishes junta to defend out election, express him president

Coup: Gabon’s opposition candidate wishes junta to defend out election, express him president

Mr Ossa made this ask when requested why he congratulated the armed forces for ousting President Ali Bongo and what he wishes from the armed forces in an interview with Le Monde on Friday.

“I’m asking it (armed forces) to revive republican and constitutional utter,” said Mr Ossa.

“The electoral direction of will own to peaceable be dropped at a conclusion, and the implications will own to peaceable be introduced so that I will be succesful to change into the official president and then the ethical president when they own been validated by the Constitutional Court.”

The candidate for the Alternance 2023 opposition platform, Mr Ossa further said “I indubitably don’t own any doubts about my victory. All and sundry has the implications, including the diplomatic missions.”

In the early hours of Wednesday, armed forces officers ousted President Ali Bongo from web page of job and appointed undoubtedly one of their very decide up, General Brice Nguema as transitional president.

Mr Bongo had been in power since 2009 when he took over from his father Omar Bongo, who ruled the country for over 40 years. He changed into toppled quickly after he changed into controversially declared winner of another election that can likely own seen him defend in web page of job for the third term.

Wednesday’s coup ended the Fifty three-Three hundred and sixty five days reign of the Bongo family in Gabon, eliciting birthday celebration among voters.

Talking from detention, Mr Bongo known as for back, asking company and global communities to “construct noise,” elevating the fright about constructing in his country.

Global communities own condemned Mr Bongo’s ouster with the African Union suspending Gabon.

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